You’ve got to fight if you want to create.

I feel like there is a mental block in my brain. It is telling me that I can’t create, that I can’t put something of value out to the world. It is telling me to play videogames, it is telling me to look at funny/interesting stories on Reddit. It is telling me to sit down, lie down, sleep, consume, find entertainment. This resistance is not only holding me back, but it is holding the world back. If we’re going to escape whatever is pulling us down, we’re going have to fight. There is a personal war that everyone is going through. Nobody is immune from the inertia we’re all facing. We play games with ourselves. We tell ourselves that the enemy is out there. We make ourselves victims, we make the problem with others. We say that if we had better genes or if we had a better childhood that we would have been able to do something of value. It is all lies. We’re so easily convinced by convenient lies.

Say we find that motivation and we actually get something accomplished. For instance, I pushed through that first paragraph just now, despite not wanting to write it. Okay now what lies am I being told? I’m being told that I’ve accomplished something, that I’m done that I can rest on my laurels. This is another lie. IT IS NEVER DONE. There is no point where you can say “okay, that is it I’ve finally won and accomplished everything.” You have to keep fighting, it is an endless war. If you stop creating, if you stop moving, you fall into a downward spiral. Stagnation, depression, laziness are the fruits of giving in to resistance. We’ve all been there, and it isn’t fun. The alternative to fighting resistance is death, literal and figurative. We are born and we fight until we die.

Just like real war, you have to analyze your enemy and find ways that he is attacking you. We all have blind spots and rationalizations, so the greatest weapon we have in this fight is personal honesty. What ways is resistance defeating me? For one, the #1 foothold that resistance has in my life is not getting to sleep on time. I resist going to bed on time because deep down I know that when I wake up I need to get to work. If I stay up late enough, I will be sufficiently tired enough that I can justify being lazy all day. I tell myself that I am too tired to accomplish anything of real value. It is all lies on top of lies.

In what other ways am I currently being attacked? As I sit here, I know that in 15 minutes there is a soccer game that I could be watching. Now there is nothing wrong with watching the game, but I have to be aware of my value creation to consumption ratio. For everything that I am consuming, I need to be at least producing. I don’t know what the ideal ratio is, but it should at least be a 1:1 situation. The problem that I am facing and that America is facing is there is a deficit in creation versus consumption. We have become ideal consumers who out of laziness and fear have stopped creating. We eat Doritos, we watch Jersey Shore, we talk about how things should be, but we aren’t creating. Now this is a generalization and not some sort of “ultimate truth”, but it serves the purpose of showing us that we have to be putting out as much as we are taking in. Look at the people we most admire, they are generally people who have become masters at fighting resistance and creating massive value for people around them.

The purpose of writing this article is to get the gears going again. If I’m not creating, I am dying. I have to do the work, and the only way to do that is to start doing something, anything. Just put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, paintbrush to canvas, whatever. I have to create something, and getting anything out there is better is than nothing.

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