You are ultimately on your own.

This quote from The 50th Law sums recent personal work developments and overall unemployment situation in the U.S. quite nicely.

“For most of us, the critical terrain in this war is the work world. Most of us enter adult life with great ambitions for how we will start our own ventures, but the harshness of life wears us down. We settle into some job and slowly give in to the illusion that our bosses care about us and our future, that they spend time thinking of our welfare. We forget the essential truth that all humans are governed by self interest. Our bosses keep us around out of need, not affection. They will get rid of us the moment that need is less acute or they find someone younger and less expensive to replace us. If we succumb to the illusion and the comfort of a paycheck, we then neglect to build up self-reliant skills and merely postpone the day of reckoning when we are forced to fend for ourselves. ”

If you depend on others, you must always be aware that they can let you down. As long as your interests and their interests match, it is all good. However, should you become inconvenient to them, it should not come as a surprise if they turn their back on you. You must develop the necessary skills to make it on your own. You must push into your fears and head into the unknown. For wherever you find risks, that is also where all the rewards lie.

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