Is the current system set to collapse? Where are we heading?

We, as a society, are subconsciously pushing ourselves to a point where we will have no choice but to evolve. The mother of invention is necessity. Until we have to get our shit together, we won’t. As long as things are relatively nice and secure, we will hold onto what we have for as long as we can. Only once the illusion that we’ve been living under shatters will we finally wake up and do something about our situation. The capitalist system we’ve been living under has never been the “solution”. It has been a transitionary system until we can find the next paradigm. What is that next paradigm?

In the same way that no person can stay at adolescence forever, there will come a time when we as individuals and as a society will have to grow up and mature. We will turn our backs on the compulsiveness of teenage behavior. We will grow up and out of the angst. We will become comfortable with our bodies and our nature. We will understand our capabilities and responsibilities. We will learn how to function in harmony. That is if we don’t end up killing ourselves. It is entirely possible that the world will metaphorically shoot itself in the head. We have the weapons necessary, and we potentially could have the emotional imbalance on a global scale. If we can manage to survive through the shock of waking up from the dream that we are currently in, we have a chance to evolve into something much greater than any one individual can achieve. If we start looking at ourselves as part of a greater organism, the possibilities are exciting. Let’s explore inner and outer space.

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