The Road to the Infinite is Paved by Creation

We are so wrapped up in our day to day life that it becomes easy to miss the big picture. When you pull out and look at what we’ve accomplished, and what we will soon accomplish, it becomes easier to see what our future holds. We now hold incredible tools for creation. Problems that seemed impossible have now been overcome. There was the idea that we would never be able to map the entire human genome. We managed to map the first human genome in 5 years faster than we had anticipated. Now there is talk about mapping 100s of genomes in the span of a few weeks. Our progress is staggering. Now, of course there are limits that we face now or will soon face. The fact is that we will be able to create the tools necessary to solve these problems.

One of the reasons I want to keep this blog up, is I want to build momentum of creation. The gravity that we face everyday pushes us towards turning into only consumers. Each day we have to fight for creation. We have to fight the forces of resistance that leads to stagnation. Like a rocket trying to escape the earth’s gravitational pull, we have to exert a lot of effort until we can reach escape velocity. I believe that right now humanity is at the point where we have to decide if the rocket will reach escape velocity, or fall back to earth. Now is the time to keep pushing, now is the time to build and create, fueled by optimism. We have the chance to grow to infinite levels. This isn’t some sort of pie-in-the-sky thinking. This is reality. The exponential growth of technology means that we could very well be facing a point where we literally become one with the infinite. We are not the final evolution of intelligence in the universe. Perhaps we are the most sophisticated permutation of intelligence, but we have room to grow. We can create the next level of intelligence. We can be so much more. Now is the time for radical, yet rational optimism.

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