Sit down, shut up, work, and allow inspiration to sneak up on you.

I’ve been reading through The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, and it is definitely pushing me forward. The subject of the book is the Resistance that anyone trying to get a creative endeavor off the ground faces. There is an invisible force that pushes us off our goals, and in order to defeat it we must be ruthless. There is no pacifying or negotiating with this force. The hardest part of getting anything going is the initial step. Each day is a new battle where we must force ourselves to actually sit down and work.

Pressfield makes the point that the actual act of sitting down and beginning work opens us up to another dimension of existence. In this realm dwells the Muse who acts as the giver of all inspiration when it comes to creativity. Pressfield goes as far as to invoke the Muse via the introduction to the Odyssey every time he sits down to write.  When we give in to Resistance and avoid doing the work that is calling us, we are not allowed access into this dimension. We lose ourselves and tune into the cosmic realm where all genius comes from. So I’ve been plugging away at the process with the hopes that as long as I stay stuck on the task that serendipity or inspiration will sneak in the backdoor.

I was on Tim Ferriss’ website last night and he was discussing various projects that people have started which are now bringing in passive income. I was amazed to see a simple idea like a combination iPhone and wallet could generate such large monthly income. I am hoping that by staying diligent to the work that has been set before me that I will give room for lightening to strike in my brain.

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