Radical Optimism

I have the power to shape my own future. I refuse to give in to victim mentalities. It is easy to blame others for when things go wrong. It is easy to blame the universe for giving you a shitty hand. The fact is that I am responsible for my own life. Part of taking responsibility for my own life is managing and changing my outlook on life if necessary. After listening to Jason Silva speak on the Joe Rogan podcast, I’ve decided that I need to develop a radically optimistic outlook on life. For those that have a tendency to over think and spend a lot of time in their heads, there is a tendency towards imagining the worst things that can happen. This is not without use, as preparing for the worst is not a bad life strategy. However, there is something to be said for extreme optimism when viewing the future.

Much like you are what you eat, you are what you read and what information and ideologies you expose yourself too. When you plug in online, you are taking in the thoughts and outlooks of others. There is something to be said for finding out about the “negative” things that are happening in the world, as long as the mental emphasis is on changing them for the better. However, it becomes possible to look for excuses in the news for why you aren’t creating a beautiful world to live in.

We’re living in a world that is changing quickly. It is a radical time, and it needs radical optimism. I’ve decided that I need to take 100% responsibility for my outlook. I have to decide that no matter what I will maintain a powerful, optimistic outlook of what is possible. Frustrations are merely obstacles to be overcome.

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