The Road to the Infinite is Paved by Creation

We are so wrapped up in our day to day life that it becomes easy to miss the big picture. When you pull out and look at what we’ve accomplished, and what we will soon accomplish, it becomes easier to see what our future holds. We now hold incredible tools for creation. Problems that seemed impossible have now been overcome. There was the idea that we would never be able to map the entire human genome. We managed to map the first human genome in 5 years faster than we had anticipated. Now there is talk about mapping 100s of genomes in the span of a few weeks. Our progress is staggering. Now, of course there are limits that we face now or will soon face. The fact is that we will be able to create the tools necessary to solve these problems.

One of the reasons I want to keep this blog up, is I want to build momentum of creation. The gravity that we face everyday pushes us towards turning into only consumers. Each day we have to fight for creation. We have to fight the forces of resistance that leads to stagnation. Like a rocket trying to escape the earth’s gravitational pull, we have to exert a lot of effort until we can reach escape velocity. I believe that right now humanity is at the point where we have to decide if the rocket will reach escape velocity, or fall back to earth. Now is the time to keep pushing, now is the time to build and create, fueled by optimism. We have the chance to grow to infinite levels. This isn’t some sort of pie-in-the-sky thinking. This is reality. The exponential growth of technology means that we could very well be facing a point where we literally become one with the infinite. We are not the final evolution of intelligence in the universe. Perhaps we are the most sophisticated permutation of intelligence, but we have room to grow. We can create the next level of intelligence. We can be so much more. Now is the time for radical, yet rational optimism.

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Daily Success Ritual

We are creatures of habit. The actions that we take each day are generally the ones which have been ingrained into us by years of routine. If I’m going to change my life for the better, I have to change my habits. The most important part of each day is the start. You have to get positive momentum. Have you ever stayed up late, woke up late, and basically accomplished nothing in an entire day? Then you know the power of starting your day correctly. At the urging of Eben Pagen from his program, Wake Up Productive, I’d decided on my own daily success ritual to get the day started and me in the proper frame.

1. Drink two big glasses of water immediately after waking up. This is simple and gets me on the right track by hydrating my body after a night’s sleep that can dehydrate the body.

2. Stretch for five minutes, and then do exercise in the form of soccer, yoga, or some light strength exercises. I would like to do this exercise for 20 minutes or so.

3. Shower and meditate for 15 minutes.

4. Eat breakfast.

If I can stick to this plan consistently, and keep up the habit of getting to bed on time, the possibilities are great that I can get some amazing things accomplished.

I want to be the greatest web based entrepreneur in the world. I have no interest in mediocrity, I want to be great. I know I have the capacity to dominate, now I have to keep pushing until I break through.

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Change your life 30 days at a time.

How can you change your life quickly, efficiently, and effectively? I decided to summarize my previous post into something easy to digest.

1. Choose ONE habit you would like to implement. Willpower is a finite resource, so you have to choose a single thing to focus on. Use the willpower you are given each day to do that one thing you need to do.

2. Dedicate 30 days to implementing your new habit. The first 10 days will be active aversion to your new action. The next 10 days will be a more passive resistance. The last 10 days you will move into a more natural feeling toward your new habit.

3. After 30 days of consistency, your new habit will feel natural and it will become a part of your life.

4. Choose a new habit for the next 30 days, rinse, repeat.

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How do you create a new habit?

So I’ve been listening to Eben Pagen’s “Wake Up Productive” seminar, and early in the program he speaks about the fact that willpower is a finite resource. There was apparently a study done in which people were told to watch movies and told to actively repress their emotions while they watched them. Another group did the same thing, but was free to express emotions. They found that when given complex problems to solve after watching movies that the group that had to repress emotions did worse. The conclusion of this study and some other studies is that people only have so much willpower to go around.

The fact is that we don’t have complete control over our life. We engage in habits that we consciously wish we didn’t have, and we have a hard time implementing new habits.

Eben says that when trying to implement a new habit there are basically 3 stages. The first stage is active aversion. So say I decide that I want to make it a point to exercise everyday for 30 days after never having been on a consistent exercise routine in my whole life. If this is a brand new habit, or even starting a habit after a long lay off there will be strong resistance. The first 10 days, I will have to fight a feeling of completely not wanting to do said activity. The next stage for the second 10 days will be a passive resistance to said activity. I still don’t feel like doing it, but the resistance will not be as active and fierce as the first 10 days. The final stage is acceptance, where you start to turn the corner on making your habit natural.

Developing this new habit is the same as a rocket trying to leave the earth’s atmosphere. Most of the energy is used in escaping the earth’s gravity, but once you make it out of the atmosphere, it is smooth sailing. We all have to fight this gravity. Momentum is so huge is creating something. Once you get going, it becomes easier and easier to keep going.

I made it a habit to start playing soccer a few months ago. The first few times I had to really force myself to get outside and work on my skills. I found that the more I did it, the easier it was to get myself to do it some more. It got to the point where now I really look forward to doing it. This isn’t the greatest example because soccer is fun and some of the habits I want to implement aren’t necessarily that much “fun”. However, the point remains that if you want to start a habit, you have to do it every single day.

Eben recommends that you don’t try to start more than one habit every 30 days because you only have so much willpower to go around. Each day you have a finite amount of willpower, and you need to put all of it into making sure you do your new habit that day.

I feel like I have a long way to go when it comes to being truly productive. I can see the untapped potential I have each day. I have to realize that most likely I will only be able to add in one new habit each month.

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Purpose, Vision, and Creating Momentum

What now?

So when I registered this domain and fired up this blog, I didn’t have a clear purpose for what I wanted to use it for. This morning I came to the conclusion that for now I will use it to get myself started each day. The great challenge of getting something accomplished is getting started. Each day is a new challenge. Even if you are stellar one day and get plenty done, the next day you wake up you have to force yourself to get started all over again. This blog will be used as a starting point each day, as to get myself some positive momentum for getting work done. A large personal challenge of mine is that when I wake up in the morning I feel completely unmotivated. Usually when I’m heading off to bed I have grand ideas and feelings for changing the world for a better place, but when I wake up this has all evaporated.

It is fascinating how I continue to avoid doing certain things that I need to do despite actually wanting to get them accomplished. I cannot get myself to go to bed on time. I have been able to get myself to wake up at a good time each day, but this doesn’t help much when I’m not going to bed in time to get a decent amount of sleep. I thought that if I woke up early enough each day it would force me to go to bed at a reasonable time by default. Instead I find that I have been taking naps at odd times throughout the day or even night. This isn’t the a good plan.

What is a good plan is writing each day to get myself day as the first thing I do. If I can get myself in a content-creating mood, it will set me up for success for the rest of the day.

The biggest thing that has been haunting me recently is the idea of “what am I actually contributing to the world?”. I often ask myself “have I earned this?” I have so many amazing things in my life, but have I actually worked for them? I put in countless years and hours into my previous job, but how much was I actually contributing, and was it worth what I was being paid? I’m not looking to beat myself up, but I need to start pointing myself towards the direction of helping and contributing value to the world around me.

There was recently a story on Reddit about how the Chinese government decided to eliminate 2/3 of television programs, as they thought it was causing a climate of “excessive entertainment”. In the comments there was a discussion about how America was obviously suffering from this, but that the government was not going to step in and stop us. (At least not yet.) It made me realize that it is up to us turn off Jersey Shore and get some shit done. Now the problem isn’t the occasional watching of an episode of Jersey Shore, but the over consumption. There is nothing wrong with eating a delicious meal, but when you’re gorging yourself constantly there is a big problem. This is not a scientific statement, but the U.S. must be the world’s largest consumer of everything at all times. Now you need both creator and consumer to make the current world system go-round, but when your society or you personally face a large creation to consumption gap, there is a big problem. You get too fat, you get too lazy, and you get disconnected from the “source”. Those who create tap into something. It is something that you can’t quite put into words, but anyone who has created or performed at a high level knows that when you’re in the “zone” you tap into something. When you are in consumption mode, you never get a chance to tap into this.

If I can write in this blog each day, as a “warm up”, I can help myself get into that “zone”. Inspiration does not strike the inactive. You have to be moving, and then something comes. You have to put yourself out there. The ego fears action because it knows that those when you are active and when you are creating and you head into that “zone” that the ego begins to fade. There is something inside of you that fears tapping into that source, it will resist. It will tell you to continue to consume, to entertain yourself with petty things. Hell, it might even be stuff that isn’t petty that you are using as an excuse to not create your own stuff.

Look around at your life. Look at all the shit. Look at it. Look at your physical shit. Look at your emotional shit. Look at your shit beliefs. So much shit. We build up so many distractions, we have so many things that we cling to, so much that disconnects us. There is something light and sleek inside of us. Underneath the flab of our possessions, beliefs, desires, etc is something infinitely light. Maybe there is nothing at all. That, however, is for a different rant.

So I started with this entry with the idea of creating momentum and getting myself warmed up, and I ended up with the idea of “no self”. Not exactly what I had in mind, but I’ll take it.

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You’ve got to fight if you want to create.

I feel like there is a mental block in my brain. It is telling me that I can’t create, that I can’t put something of value out to the world. It is telling me to play videogames, it is telling me to look at funny/interesting stories on Reddit. It is telling me to sit down, lie down, sleep, consume, find entertainment. This resistance is not only holding me back, but it is holding the world back. If we’re going to escape whatever is pulling us down, we’re going have to fight. There is a personal war that everyone is going through. Nobody is immune from the inertia we’re all facing. We play games with ourselves. We tell ourselves that the enemy is out there. We make ourselves victims, we make the problem with others. We say that if we had better genes or if we had a better childhood that we would have been able to do something of value. It is all lies. We’re so easily convinced by convenient lies.

Say we find that motivation and we actually get something accomplished. For instance, I pushed through that first paragraph just now, despite not wanting to write it. Okay now what lies am I being told? I’m being told that I’ve accomplished something, that I’m done that I can rest on my laurels. This is another lie. IT IS NEVER DONE. There is no point where you can say “okay, that is it I’ve finally won and accomplished everything.” You have to keep fighting, it is an endless war. If you stop creating, if you stop moving, you fall into a downward spiral. Stagnation, depression, laziness are the fruits of giving in to resistance. We’ve all been there, and it isn’t fun. The alternative to fighting resistance is death, literal and figurative. We are born and we fight until we die.

Just like real war, you have to analyze your enemy and find ways that he is attacking you. We all have blind spots and rationalizations, so the greatest weapon we have in this fight is personal honesty. What ways is resistance defeating me? For one, the #1 foothold that resistance has in my life is not getting to sleep on time. I resist going to bed on time because deep down I know that when I wake up I need to get to work. If I stay up late enough, I will be sufficiently tired enough that I can justify being lazy all day. I tell myself that I am too tired to accomplish anything of real value. It is all lies on top of lies.

In what other ways am I currently being attacked? As I sit here, I know that in 15 minutes there is a soccer game that I could be watching. Now there is nothing wrong with watching the game, but I have to be aware of my value creation to consumption ratio. For everything that I am consuming, I need to be at least producing. I don’t know what the ideal ratio is, but it should at least be a 1:1 situation. The problem that I am facing and that America is facing is there is a deficit in creation versus consumption. We have become ideal consumers who out of laziness and fear have stopped creating. We eat Doritos, we watch Jersey Shore, we talk about how things should be, but we aren’t creating. Now this is a generalization and not some sort of “ultimate truth”, but it serves the purpose of showing us that we have to be putting out as much as we are taking in. Look at the people we most admire, they are generally people who have become masters at fighting resistance and creating massive value for people around them.

The purpose of writing this article is to get the gears going again. If I’m not creating, I am dying. I have to do the work, and the only way to do that is to start doing something, anything. Just put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, paintbrush to canvas, whatever. I have to create something, and getting anything out there is better is than nothing.

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Good news everybody.

So my first micro-niche website went up the beginning of last week, and by the end of the week I had already made the first page of the Google rankings for the keyword I’m targeting. I haven’t even added any backlinks yet. If I can keep adding some backlinks to the site, hopefully I can keep climbing in my position in the rankings. I’m currently sitting at #7, I want to be #1. They say that when people search for a particular term, about half the clicks go to the first result on Google. I think I can take down #1. Wish me luck.

I finished Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art. The book is amazing. It is short and an easy read, yet the message is beyond profound.  For those who are having a hard time fighting the natural resistance to accomplishing their goals, it is ammunition for the fight. Anyone who is involved in a creative venture has to breakthrough the barriers, the temptations, friends, family, distractions, and all the other things that would keep us from delivering what is inside of us to the world. The book was so good that I immediately jumped on Amazon and bought his followup book, Do The Work.

There is something amazing inside of you that the world needs. At the same time, there is a hidden force, Resistance, working to keep you from sharing it. You must be ruthless and you must kill Resistance, for everyday it is working to kill you. The world needs you, start now, do the damn work.

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Sit down, shut up, work, and allow inspiration to sneak up on you.

I’ve been reading through The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, and it is definitely pushing me forward. The subject of the book is the Resistance that anyone trying to get a creative endeavor off the ground faces. There is an invisible force that pushes us off our goals, and in order to defeat it we must be ruthless. There is no pacifying or negotiating with this force. The hardest part of getting anything going is the initial step. Each day is a new battle where we must force ourselves to actually sit down and work.

Pressfield makes the point that the actual act of sitting down and beginning work opens us up to another dimension of existence. In this realm dwells the Muse who acts as the giver of all inspiration when it comes to creativity. Pressfield goes as far as to invoke the Muse via the introduction to the Odyssey every time he sits down to write.  When we give in to Resistance and avoid doing the work that is calling us, we are not allowed access into this dimension. We lose ourselves and tune into the cosmic realm where all genius comes from. So I’ve been plugging away at the process with the hopes that as long as I stay stuck on the task that serendipity or inspiration will sneak in the backdoor.

I was on Tim Ferriss’ website last night and he was discussing various projects that people have started which are now bringing in passive income. I was amazed to see a simple idea like a combination iPhone and wallet could generate such large monthly income. I am hoping that by staying diligent to the work that has been set before me that I will give room for lightening to strike in my brain.

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Is the current system set to collapse? Where are we heading?

We, as a society, are subconsciously pushing ourselves to a point where we will have no choice but to evolve. The mother of invention is necessity. Until we have to get our shit together, we won’t. As long as things are relatively nice and secure, we will hold onto what we have for as long as we can. Only once the illusion that we’ve been living under shatters will we finally wake up and do something about our situation. The capitalist system we’ve been living under has never been the “solution”. It has been a transitionary system until we can find the next paradigm. What is that next paradigm?

In the same way that no person can stay at adolescence forever, there will come a time when we as individuals and as a society will have to grow up and mature. We will turn our backs on the compulsiveness of teenage behavior. We will grow up and out of the angst. We will become comfortable with our bodies and our nature. We will understand our capabilities and responsibilities. We will learn how to function in harmony. That is if we don’t end up killing ourselves. It is entirely possible that the world will metaphorically shoot itself in the head. We have the weapons necessary, and we potentially could have the emotional imbalance on a global scale. If we can manage to survive through the shock of waking up from the dream that we are currently in, we have a chance to evolve into something much greater than any one individual can achieve. If we start looking at ourselves as part of a greater organism, the possibilities are exciting. Let’s explore inner and outer space.

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You can never rest.

The hustler’s every waking hour is lived with both practical and the subconscious knowledge that if he ever relaxes, if he ever slows down, the other hungry, restless foxes, ferrets, wolves, and vultures out there with him won’t hesitate to make him their prey.

– Malcolm X

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