Searching for a pot of gold like a leprechaun.

So the next step in my journey to make some bank is the most time consuming and the most “tedious”. I’m talking keywords bitches. My goal is to find a niche with tons of traffic and no competition. This is a fundamental principle to having a successful business. The first step of research is writing down any ideas of niches that come to mind.  A niche is portion of a market or community which has people who share the common interest. You can narrow down a niche into a micro-nice. For instance, a market would be online dating. A niche would be online dating for those with STDs. A micro-niche would boil it down even farther and feature online dating for those with Herpes. (Everyone needs love, even those with diseased genitals.) Anyway, s good place to research a niche that you can market is on Amazon. You can also visit Amazon’s magazine section, which is a good way to find out about hobbies that you might have never thought of.

If you want to get balls-to-the-wall INTENSE, you can visit your local bookstore and go to the magazine section.  From here, look through various niche magazines and look at the advertisements. If you see an advertisement for a product or service that shows up numerous months in a row, you can be sure that there is money to be made off that niche.

Wish me luck niche hunting, there is treasure out there to be found, mined, and consumed. I will drink your milkshake, internet, I will drink it up.

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