Good news everybody.

So my first micro-niche website went up the beginning of last week, and by the end of the week I had already made the first page of the Google rankings for the keyword I’m targeting. I haven’t even added any backlinks yet. If I can keep adding some backlinks to the site, hopefully I can keep climbing in my position in the rankings. I’m currently sitting at #7, I want to be #1. They say that when people search for a particular term, about half the clicks go to the first result on Google. I think I can take down #1. Wish me luck.

I finished Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art. The book is amazing. It is short and an easy read, yet the message is beyond profound. ¬†For those who are having a hard time fighting the natural resistance to accomplishing their goals, it is ammunition for the fight. Anyone who is involved in a creative venture has to breakthrough the barriers, the temptations, friends, family, distractions, and all the other things that would keep us from delivering what is inside of us to the world. The book was so good that I immediately jumped on Amazon and bought his followup book, Do The Work.

There is something amazing inside of you that the world needs. At the same time, there is a hidden force, Resistance, working to keep you from sharing it. You must be ruthless and you must kill Resistance, for everyday it is working to kill you. The world needs you, start now, do the damn work.

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